It’s that time of year again. The time when we have 1 month to enjoy the amazing weather post-summer heat and pre-winter freezingness. So naturally we’re taking advantage.

I’d say all in all the first fall trip to Coopers was a success. And as Matt so eloquently put it, “Didn’t send anything, but progress. Every journey starts with a step.”

Ok, I’ll admit that wasn’t quite the attitude I had toward being shut down by the last move on Moby yet again. It was more like, “F^$%, F*#$, F*#%, F@%$ this Mother F%^%ing move!” But then again, some  most people are more well-adjusted than I am.

Anyways, since I did finish a few projects in the spring (just thought I’d throw that in there) I was pretty pumped to get on some new problems, which definitely have some projecting potential. Or – in the case of Roof of Death – some breaking-multiple-bones-and-crushing-a-few-vertebrae potential.

Aaaaaaand, we’re off:

Ben and I  (and Bella) got to Coopers Friday afternoon. So we did a little climbing and then headed back to camp. We failed to think through the fact that it had been raining for a week straight. 3 hours of leaf and twig collecting, lots of stoking and a little luck and we managed to make a small fire and finally eat dinner! Apparently I slept like a rock because when I woke up the next morning…

Surprise! All my friends were there. I also had a Harry Potter-themed Velociraptor dream that night (I swear sleeping in my ENO is like being put into a coma). We had a glorious send burrito breakfast – because, as I firmly believe, “Behind every great send there’s a burrito.” (more climbing proverbs here).

Photo by Rob Mauler

After breakfast we gathered up our Sportivas and headed out. First stop – the warmup boulders. Colleen sent her first outdoor problem ever, and followed that up with her first successful sketchy down climb. Woohoo. Then we went over to Moby’s Dick and I got all pissed off because – for real sauce…this was supposed to be the weekend that I sent that bitch. Damn you Moby and your taunting.

Ben on Moby (Photo by Rob Mauler)

After that we headed over to Roof of Death, which was flippin’ sweet, but aptly named (which is probably why it’s my new favorite problem!)…

Kevin on Roof of Death (Photo by Rob Mauler)

Gerrit on Roof of Death (Photo by Rob Mauler)

Now what you don’t see are the 9 pads (including 3 Collosees), the jagged rock formation and the massive drop awaiting you when you fall off this problem. This resulted in this picture, and later Gerrit’s quote of the weekend, “Hold me” as I grabbed him and yanked him away from the “of death” elements of the problem.

Photo by Rob Mauler

Soon things got super-intense. So intense that Rob stopped taking pictures, I stopped smiling and Matt made a strong suggestion that we all stop working on this until the rock actually has some friction (all of these things should come as a surprise). Matt’s so wise. Must be the Asian blood.

The whole Roof of Death thing, and probably just the 5 hours we spent climbing in the Tilted Tree area pretty much wore us out. So we took a lengthy rest and then headed over to Tomb Raider and worked on Ship’s Prow Traverse and a couple others, then hit up Picnic Table boulder where we “worked on” Humpty. By worked on I mean could barely close our hands anymore, but did that thing where we wouldn’t admit we were waaaaay too tired to climb.

Me on Humpty (Photo by Rob Mauler)

After a while Matt convinced everyone that what we really should be doing is drinking (wise Asian blood again), so we headed over to Black Bear Burrito. At this point everyone was so tired that we lost our ability to read and also to order food, but of course not our ability to order moonshine and pints. Sadly, Ben and I had to roll out after Black Bear because Bella had crag dog training very early the next morning, but that is for another post.

But let’s just suffice it to say that we all slept really, really well that night:


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  1. erinobrien26 says:

    And, like a jerk I didn’t give you credit for them haha. Will remedy that soon 🙂

  2. Robert says:

    Yay! My photos were featured on a blog!

    • erinobrien26 says:

      Hey Rob. Added the photo creds 🙂 Thanks for being such a clutch photographer. Did you take those 2 pics of Gerritt on Roof of Death? I can’t remember if you did or if Colleen did and I don’t feel like checking hahaa.

  3. LC says:

    Lets hear it for round two!

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