The first Mac I ever owned, and it was a marvel of modern technology…

26(ish) years later I’m writing this blog post on my iPhone, and publishing it to WordPress where it can be seen by the entire world within seconds! And today, thanks to my iPhone, I can bitch about my iPhone – from the comfort of my iPhone!

Thinking of my first Apple computer also makes me think of MacPaint and how on the instructional disc a guy walked us through using the program and painted the picture below. I was sure I could never draw anything so cool…

26(ish) years later I drew this poster on my MacBook…and I really can’t draw to save my life…

Thinking of my first Mac also makes me think of the LoadRunner and Airborne games that came with it! Epically, epically, epic. There was no way anyone could top the awesomeness…Airborne!

Mine wasn't even in color!

26(ish) years later I have friends over to play Kinect, which follows our body movements and mimics them in the game! (Sorry for the Microsoft reference). It even takes pictures that I can later use to embarrass Lindsey on my blog!

Thinking of my first Mac also makes me think of the A-mazing program, and all its maze-y goodness. And maybe it was just that I was like 2 years old, but those mazes were tough!


26(ish) years later I can hop on my iPhone, pull up any number of GPS apps, and find my way to just about anywhere. No maze-solving skills needed!


Thinking of my first Mac also makes me think of how much I’ve always been fascinated with technology, which must be why I work at an IT company today.

Well thanks Steve Jobs for making awesome shit, being pretty bad ass in your black shirts… and, oh yeah…changing the world!


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