One of the fun things about having a WordPress blog is that you get to see all the searches that bring traffic to your site. These range from the funny, to the weird, to the potentially homicidal. So today I will share with you some of my favorites (in red) – and my comments (in italics) – from the past month. These are in no particular order.

Happy Friday!

jfk we will not go quietly into the night

JFK didn’t say this. It’s actually a quote from Independence Day.

climbing thingy

Oh yes. The old climbing thingy. Never leave home without it.

what it called when you give crack heads money

It’s called you’re a sucka’

what single thing defines this generation


facts about smoke bombs

Should I report this?

rockclimb ponytail man

“Rock Climbing Ponytail Man…let down your hair.”

sexy climbers

You called?

rogue status frown face

Is this an upcoming Vin Diesel movie?

rock climber sex

Male! No, wait – Female! Ugh I hate quizzes.

velociraptor ninja

Hell yeah!

chick with dick tv ts xxx

Not sure how this led someone to my site.

pedofile dude everywhere

“I see pedophiles.” “When do you see them?” “All the time.”

baby puke green 4 x 4 pictures

I believe they sell those at Kinko’s.

pie chart addictions chocolate

Mmmmm…chocolate and pie!

jew turtle

That turtle is smart, funny and rich!

was jesus gluten free

I donno, but I hear he was a fan of Atkins.

strange addiction with mannequin

Sounds like a personal problem. erin is so ugly

Yeah, well you’re no Julia Roberts either.

climbers having sex

On a multi-pitch trad route! In the pouring rain! With a Gri-Gri 2! Well that’s how I imagined it anyways.

return to oz sexy wheelers

 Don’t you ever say that!

during the cold war the us and ussr had enough missiles to blow up the world 3 times

That’s really more of a statement than a search, don’t you think?


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