If you live in the DelMarVa region, chances are you know it’s freaking snowing outside! Of course this means one of two things: you are either a) at home gearing up for a mission critical trip to the grocery store to buy life-sustaining milk, or b) at the office pouring over weather forecasts, planning your grocery store milk acquisition expedition and worrying that only the organic crap will be left by the time you make it there…if you’re lucky!

If you’re not doing one of these two things, you damn well should be. Because if we Americans know one thing, it’s that in the event of snow, milk is your only defense. To prove my point I created these well-researched pie charts. Now go buy some milk…because I have only 5 gallons to last me through the night, and I’m not sharing!
These pie charts say it all.



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  1. Mommy says:

    LMAO. Erin you are a breath of sunshine in an otherwise bizarre day. Love you muchly!

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