> Back clips cause whips.

> Be careful what you dyno for; because it might come loose.

> Waste chalk. Want chalk.

> A callous a day keeps fatiguing away (Matt Elletson’s way)

> Drop me once, shame on you. Drop me twice, shame on me.

> A V5 in the gym is worth a V2 in the woods.

> To fall is human. To send is divine.

> Look before you lead.

> A clip in time saves mine.

> Fools rush in where Segal fears to trad.

> You can’t have your jugs and climb 5.13s too.

> One good burn deserves another.

> Don’t mark your tick list until you send. (I’m talking to you Justin Delcollo)

> It was the last whip that broke the climber’s ankle. (Ben Chamish)

> Two jugs are better than one.

> A push up a day keeps tendinitis at bay.

Want to add some proverb beta? Leave a comment with your ideas and I’ll add them to the list. Here’s a good site to find proverbs in case you need your memory jogged.


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  1. Tjulyan says:

    When in doubt run it out.

    Go big or don’t go at all.

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