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In the heart of the big city of Middletown, Delaware – population 6 – An upset occured in the Professional Pumpkin Carving (PPC) community Saturday, October, 16th, 2010, and our correspondent, Jack Skellington was on the scene as the much sought after Paul the Cyclops was lured from master carvers Ben Chamish and Erin O’Brien of Baltimore into an exclusive contract with Middletown’s own Justin DelCollo.

Middletown Delaware - The scene of the robbery

Reactions have been mixed from the PPC on the acquisition. Steve Vinderbelt – founder and CEO of The Do-It-Yourself Pumpkin Carving Guide is weary of Paul’s erratic move to the unskilled, unknown carver DelCollo. He stated, “Ya know, Paul’s got a good head on his shoulders, but he loses sight of the bigger picture sometimes. I don’t wanna sound skeptical, but I’m concerned that this move was not fully thought through by Paul. After all, there were several empty bottles of Wood Chuck Cider strewn across the carving table, and it seems like the decision was made on a whim.”

PPC Correspondant Jack Skellington reported from the scene.

Sallie Cumberpatch, DelCollo’s cousin and co-owner of Pumpkin Patch 49, disagrees with Vinderbelt’s sentiment. She stated, “Paul had his eye on the prize when he made the move to Team DelCollo. He’s such a visionary – one-eyed or not.”

Of course, as the number one source of all Professional Pumpkin Carving news, it is no surprise that Paul the Cyclops agreed to give us an exclusive interview after this monumental event. For those of you who missed the interview live on the PPC network this afternoon, we have reprinted the transcript below.

Left: Paul the Cyclops, the controversial carving, reflects on his decision post-carving. Right: Team Chamish had few words to say on the robbery, but still made its message clear.

Jack Skellington: Thanks for joining us tonight Paul.

Paul the Cyclops: Oh you’re welcome Jack.

Jack Skellington: Ok Paul, so I have to ask. What was going through your mind when you turned a blind eye on Team Chamish yesterday?

Paul the Cyclops: I donno, it all happened really fast. It’s definitely a bit of a blur, but – I’d been on the stencil sheet for a while, waiting for my cut, and I wasn’t seeing clearly.

Jack Skellington: Well – from all accounts from Team Chamish, the paperwork was almost drawn up. They just needed a sharpie to make it official.

Paul the Cyclops: That’s right. We were discussing the fine details, when I saw out of my eye DelCollo eavesdropping from up in the tree. Judging by the sharpie in his hand and the glimmer in his eyes, I knew at that moment that he was DTC. Ya know, Down Ta Carve? But I also knew that Team Chamish had a reputation for being the best pumpkin carvers on this side of the Delaware Canal – hands down.

You can tell DelCollo's plotting a sinister scheme. This photo was taken just moments before the robbery from an anonymous eye-witness.

Jack Skellington: So then, what happened? How did you end up with DelCollo?

Paul the Cyclops: Jeez man, that’s a good question. He promised me a bigger pumpkin and brighter lights, and – like a fool – I took it.

Jack Skellington: What do ya mean, fool?

Paul the Cyclops: Well … look at me now. I’ve got messed up lines – my eye is slanted off to the left, my teeth are crooked, and I’ve had a sinus infection ever since we cut the deal. Plus, I’m covered in black sharpie, and DelCollo keeps threatening to put me outside on Mischief Night if I don’t shine brightly enough. And, between you and me, considering the equipment he’s supplied me with, I definitely won’t make it till Halloween.

Jack Skellington: Oh yeah, what are ya packin’?

Paul the Cyclops: It’s definitely no Yankee candle, that’s for sure. Only a measly single wick, half dollar sized chunk of wax that I’m pretty sure he used for his other carvings in past years.

Jack Skellington: Well you certainly don’t sound pleased with your decision Paul.

Paul the Cyclops: Lookin’ back, I feel downright rotten – thinkin’ about how bright my future coulda’ been with Team Chamish. Yeah, the venue is smaller, but I hear they keep their carvings around until well after Thanksgiving. And don’t even get me started on their carving skills – unmatched I tell ya. Right now I’d be sportin’ 20 vision with chiseled lines and flawless features. I’m sure I woulda’ made this year’s “20 Most Beautiful Pumpkins list.”

Jack Skellington: Any chance you could reverse the decision?

Paul the Cyclops: Well, you know what they say … once you cut it.

Jack Skellington: …yeah…

Paul the Cyclops: **sobbing** All I want to say is; to all you carving patterns out there biding your time on the stencil sheets **sniffle** – remember, quality over quantity – and it’s not always go big or go home. After all, even the biggest eye in the world isn’t useful if you can’t see straight. …I wish somecarving had given me that advice.

Jack Skellington: Wow Paul, sounds like the cuts are runnin’ deep. I truly hope things start to brighten up for ya.

Paul the Cyclops: Thanks man, that means a lot.

Jack Skellington: Good Luck Paul, and back to you Dr. Finklestein.

Dr. Finklestein: Poor kid. In other news, the PPC rejoices as this year’s Punkin’ Chunkin’ contest is cancelled due to sabotage from an “unnamed” source.


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