So mega failure with blogging consistantly, but I’m going to try again.

With great sadness, back in May I retired my trusty Civic SI (new commute, and the SI was sporting 110,000 miles). Moment of silence please.

I loved my SI, and the rally shifter on the dash was totally bitchin’. I’m not gonna lie – that car was pretty great.

So I put the “I need a new car” bug in my dad’s ear because he always comes up with awesome finds. To my delight, within a few days he found the illest of the ill wheels (well illest for a 25 year old chick who’s slightly below  5’2”) – a Mini Cooper S Convertible. Yep – he had me intrigued at “Mini,” stoked at “S,” and ecstatic at “Convertible.” And the fact that it was in my price range was crazy.

So yeah – it’s totally adorable, right?

Wrong! This car will tear you a new one in half a second. I mean – come on – haven’t you seen the Italian Job?!  I seriously feel like a  go-kart racecar driver every time I sit down in this thing, which is pretty freakin’ awesome. This car is perfect for driving up and down the D.C. beltway too.

Hypothetical commuting situation:

  • “Oh, you’re going to speed up and not let me in your lane?”
  • -Downshift, accelerate, move into lane with ease.
  • “Yeah my Cooper just schooled your boring Mazda 3 hatchback”

This is always fun because people don’t think Minis pack a lot of punch – an advantage because it lulls them into a false sense of security, which is key to conquering beltway traffic. You wouldn’t reveal your wicked power shot before a big soccer match would you? No – you wouldn’t.

Of course Minis are known for their fuel efficiency. This is true, but only if you drive yours like a sissy crybaby (and if so – kudos to you for helping the environment). I, however, find the temptation to pretend I’m in the midst of an indycar challenge to be far too strong for my inferior willpower (sorry Mother Earth), and could definitely be getting better gas mileage if I would take the lead out of my shoes.  Just kidding – I don’t drive like a psycho – but I really do have to exercise some restraint while driving this car.

Yep, it’s been about 3 months since I bought the Mini – I still look back at it three or four times after parking, I keep it immaculate, and I worry about dents from uninhibited city parkers. I call this the honeymoon stage of the relationship – and me and the Coop are both eating it up. I’m actually thinking about dropping the “L” word soon and possibly giving it a key to my house.

 All I can say is that I can’t wait for fall so that I can use that drop top every day!


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  1. erinobrien26 says:

    Thanks for the comment mom. The Cooper is getting a spa day at the car wash this weekend – I’m keeping the sparks flying in our relationship 🙂

  2. Mommy says:

    Erin, you’ve always had a way with words and your Mini Cooper is a perfect example. The car is so you. Remember only drop the L bomb if you really mean it. And tell him how cute he is every day. Cars love that 🙂

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