I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth: I love Facebook, but the big brother thing kinda freaks me out.

Then again, the big brother thing is, in part, what is so cool about it.

I logged on yesterday, and it asked me to link my profile to my likes (or something like that), and my gut reaction was to freak out a bit because Facebook seems to be stalking me. So I ignored the request, and came back to it later.

*Facebook describes Likes as follows: “Like is a way to give positive feedback or connect with things you care about on Facebook. You can like content that your friends post or Pages that you want to connect with on Facebook.”

Thanks for clearing that up Facebook.

What I saw was that Facebook was allowing people to link their likes (which they pull from your profile) to little icons (which I’m assuming they are letting people add or are linked to fan pages; although I guess fan pages are like pages now… not sure how that works yet). I felt a little guilty because I thought it was really cool – guilty because it’s very big-brotherish if you ask me! So I went ahead and linked up – and now I have an icon that illustrates that I love soccer – for those of us who can’t read apparently.

I mean, they even had an icon for my favorite book The Consolation of Philosophy, which is not on many people’s reading lists. However they didn’t have one for Sugar Free Rockstars? Also the one for cuddling was slightly creepy…but I digress.

Yet, I have this underlying skepticism that everything that Facebook does has some sort of dark undertones. It reminds me of how freaked out I was when I saw the Under Armour logo plastered on Federal Hill a few weeks ago. I think Americans have a built in distrust of this kinda stuff.

Call me crazy, but Facebook has really been freaking me out lately. Honestly, the cooler and more functional it becomes, the more it weirds me out.

But usually this unease lasts for a couple moments, and then I jump on the bandwagon. It’s like  a desensitization process that Facebook is putting me through – pushing the envelope a little further each day. They must have an incredible PR department.

On a side note, is anyone else having a problem where Facebook tells you that your email is invalid and continually demands that you update it or confirm it? My email’s valid, and I keep confirming, but it doesn’t believe me!

Also, check out this piece from College Humor.com, 4 Awkward Moments in Facebook “Likes.” It’s slightly crass, but pretty funny!

Oh, and I also recommend you read this article, How to Delete Facebook Applications (and Why You Should). I am anti-Facebook applications, but somehow over the course of the 5 years that I’ve had an account I managed to accumulate 79 applications – and didn’t even realize it until I read this!


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